Puppet Play with Mabuddies


I had never thought of Mabuddies being used as puppets.

It’s wonderful to see the creativity children have in action

I hope you enjoy the play that your child puts on for you

The play we watched was very creative

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Packing up a Mabuddies four in one travel bag


15391202_918786491585708_7984903279446490180_nMabuddies are easy for parents and children to use. They are a four in one travel companion.

Great to take on holiday and even better to take with you for everyday use.

This is an example of one of the travel toys ready to go with your child and have some fun.

Each pack is a toy, pillow, backpack and has it’s own blanket. The one in the picture above has been packed

to include an ipad ,colouring in books and pencils. You can pack whatever your child needs and your ready to go

best thing is your child loves to carry their mabuddies leaving you hands free.


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